Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to make all this work?

A few things...
  1. A working VideoLan Client (VLC). You can get it from the "Get VLC" link at the left.
  2. If you want to pull programs directly off of your TiVo, your TiVo needs to be running vserver. That means you need a "hacked" TiVo.
  3. Alternately, you can use TY files that you already have. So you need one of those.
  4. The tivo-vlc modules. That's what we do here. Get them via the "Download" link at the left.

How can I hack my TiVo?

This is (of course) way beyond the scope of what we do here. Check out the TiVo forums at dealdatabase or do a search on google.

Where can I get vserver for my TiVo?

It's available in many places. Check out dealdatabase, tivo-files, or use google. I recommend using the set of builds from Dec 2004 which have the newer shared code set.
Make sure you get the binary which is compatible with your unit. Most older models use a PowerPC chip, so you'll need the "ppc" builds. Newer Series 2 models usually run on a MIPS processor, so look for those.

Is this legal?

I'm not a lawyer, barrister, or advocate and I'm not giving legal advice. What we do here is no different than what is going on in many TiVo forums across the web, including dealdatabase and tivocommunity. In fact, TiVo itself has now come out with "tivo-to-go" which does essentially the same thing. Draw your own conclusions.